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  • Touring: one or more tours are scheduled each month. Most of these are one-day drives to points of interest in our area. Overnighters up to a week in duration occur around the Northwest, including the annual Regional Model A Meet in various cities.

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“A Race Against Time” – October 6, 2018

One of eight Model A enthusiasts who took the challenge of a four month, around the world “race against time”, Judi McMillin Richter is today living on a quiet ranch in Northeastern Oregon.

But in 1982 she signed on to an adventure right out of the movies. As the co-driver of a 1931 Special Delivery “Woody”, Judi would drive one of four Model A automobiles  over 13,200 miles across 6 continents, 24 countries, 15 states, three oceans and seven seas!

It was a trip of a lifetime and one that had never been accomplished by an automobile of 1930’s vintage. Given the geopolitics of the 21st century—such a feat may never happen again.

Judi McMillin Richter spoke about her co-adventurers and her experiences at the Pacific NW Truck Museum at Powerland Heritage Park in Brooks, Oregon on October 6, 2018. Judy shared a special slide show of her photo collections that chronicled her journey of that “race against time” almost 40 years ago!

Our thanks to the NW Vintage Car and Motorcycle Museum and Pacific NW Truck Museum  at Powerland Heritage Park in Brooks, Oregon.