“Race Against Time” Venue Change!

It’s still on for Saturday, October 6 but we need to let you know that Saturday’s “Race Against Time” presentation with Judi Richter  has been moved to the Pacific NW Truck Museum just across a few hundred feet from the NW Vintage Car and Motorcycle Museum at Powerland Heritage Park in Brooks, Oregon. The presentation will start at 1:30 pm. Our thanks to both museum management teams for their help in keeping this event on track!

One of eight Model A enthusiasts who took the challenge of a four month, around the world “race against time”, Judi Richter is today living on a quiet ranch in Northeastern Oregon.

But in 1982 she signed on to an adventure right out of the movies. As the co-driver of a 1931 Special Delivery “Woody”, Judi would drive one of four Model A automobiles  over 13,200 miles across 6 continents, 24 countries, 15 states, three oceans and seven seas!

It was a trip of a lifetime and one that had never been accomplished by an automobile of 1930’s vintage. Given the geopolitics of the 21st century—such a feat may never happen again.

Come listen to Judi Richter talk about her co-adventurers and her experiences at the Pacific NW Truck Museum at Powerland Heritage Park in Brooks, Oregon on October 6, 2018 at 1 pm. Judy will be sharing a special slide show of her photo collections that chronicled her journey of that “amazing race” almost 40 years ago!

Tickets for this entertaining and informative retelling will be $5 per person at the door. For additional information, contact Bob Myers at: eventswvmafc@gmail.com.

We look forward to welcoming you!


Willamette Valley Model A Ford Club

ModelA-roadThe purpose of this organization is the preservation, restoration, and maintenance of the Model A Ford automobile, as produced from 1928-1931. The Model A is a historic part of our American heritage, and a landmark in the development of the American motor car. The group provides a forum for the exchange of information, ideas, and parts and is dedicated to the mutual assistance of its members in keeping our cars on the road. The club has traditionally been a touring organization, with the focus being driving the cars, rather than achieving perfection to show car standards.

Monthly Meetings:
First Thursday of each month at 7 PM
Usual meeting place:
Card Room in the Thomas Kay Woolen Mill at Mission Mill
1313 Mill St. SE
, Oregon

For January, July and December Meeting Locations, Call (503) 851-3349

Guests and new members are welcome. Dues are $10.00 a year, which funds the monthly newsletter.